Joetsu Municipal Aquarium

Welcome to Joetsu Municipal Aquarium

Closed on Mondays and days following public holidays(If a Sunday and a public holiday are consecutive, the aquarium holidays will change). Open ev eryday during July and August.

Hours9a.m. to 5p.m.(6p.m. during special summer display)

Adress:zip942-0004 4-19-27 Nishihoncyo Joetsu Niigata Japan



Access by JR(train)...For 20minutes by walk from Naoetsu Sta(Hokuriku-Honsen)

      .car ... Joetsu IC(Hokuriku - Highway) → Route18(to Naoetsu) → Route8(to Toyama) → Turn Right

      at crossing of "Joetsu Oo doori"

      Joetsu Takada IC(Joushinetsu-High way) → Sanrokusen road(to Naoetsu) → Route 8(to Niigata) 

      → Turn Lef t at crossing of "Joetsu Oo doori"

Thank you.

Marine jumbo (Ocean Tank)

Red sea bream, Japanese amberjack, specked stingrays and potato bass... 2,000fish, including 40 varieties, swim in this tank. The tank is 13m wide, 10m50cm deep, and 8m high. With a 720m3 capacity its front glass is 7m wide, 5m50cm high, and 335mm thick, making it one of the biggest in the world.

  • Madara-ei

    Speckled stingray(Madara-ei)

  • Otome-ei

    Bluntnose whiptail ray(Otome-ei)

  • Aka-ei

    Japanese stingray(Aka-ei)

  • Utsubo

    Brutal moray(Utsubo)

  • Dochi-zame

    Banded dogfish(Dochi-zame)

  • Nurse shark

    Nurse shark(Nurse shark)

Penguin Land

Magellanic penguin dive, swim and waddle around in Penguin Land.
Joetsu Municipal Aquarium has the largest breeding program of Magellanic penguins in Japan.
(Year 2011 ,More than 100 Magellanic penguins)
penguin feeding time-10am, 1pm15 and 3pm-Three times daily .